Software Installation & Support

Software Installation & Support

If you are not feeling confident on installing particular software, or you suspect the configuration is not correct, we can correct it for you.

Anti-Virus Protection & Setup

Computer infections by virus are growing increasingly with the popularity of the internet, and the ease in which virus can spread.

Installing an Anti-virus program will help in securing your PC so that you will suffer less downtime, and avoid losing important documents.

Spyware Detection & Removal

Spyware are malicious programs that are installed onto your computer by a third party either by visiting suspicious websites or by programs installed onto the computer.

Spyware can log everything you have typed onto your computer, including banking details and security passwords. They can be a source of constant pop-up windows. They can also cause the system to be unstable.

We can remove those spywares and put preventive measures in place to avoid further spyware from getting into your computer.

Computer Repairs

Hardware & Software Troubleshooting

Having a problem with your computer?

We can perform a diagnosis on your computer to determine the problem on your computer, and make sure it is up and running in no time.

We can determine if the problem is a hardware issue or a software issue, just leave that to us.

On-site Component Upgrade

We can obtain components getting you the best deal possible and then we can quickly and professionally install the component.

System Tune-Ups & Clean-Ups

Having too many crashes on the computer?

Then your computer probably needs a clean-up.

I can efficiently perform clean-up on your computer and to ensure that no data is lost, I also offer a backup of data for you.

If your computer is running slowly, we also perform a series of System tune-ups to make sure that your computer is rid of legacy software components, so to get the most out of your computer's speed.

Computer Sales and Bespoke Builds

We can build the right computer to match your requirements, and ensure you get the computer to suit your needs and budget.

Latest PC systems built to your requirements and budget from simple PC's to the highest specification machines

Base units supplied if current monitor, speakers, mouse and keyboard are to your requirements.

All sizes and types of monitors available to suit every budget.

All types of peripherals supplied at competitive prices.

Computer Training

Windows & Internet Training

We provide one to one tuition in Windows, Microsoft Office and other topics including on how to use Internet.

We aim to have the training to be as quick, effective and to the point as possible so to get you up to speed.

Internet Setup & Training

If you are interested in having an internet connection, but you don't know what to do, we can help.

Also, if you have any internet connection, but are having problem with it, we can also help resolve the problem.

If you require any training on certain aspect of usage of the internet, we can also help.


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